What blood tests should I have Doc?

March 11, 2015

What blood tests should I have Doc? This is a question I am frequently asked by patients interested in assessing their cardiovascular risk. Traditionally I guess the most popular screening tests have been a full blood count (FBC), fasting blood glucose (FBG) and a serum lipid profile. In Australia (and most other countries) when you…

Everything you need to know about the low carb high fat (LCHF) diet

August 11, 2014

I have put together a few thoughts on the low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet. It gives some of the historical background, what to eat and what to avoid, answers some frequently asked questions and gives some additional resources for anyone interested in finding out more. I would welcome any suggestions to improve the information….

My LCHF diet after 8 months

July 6, 2013

Diet update after 8 months I am now 8 months into my low carb high fat (LCHF) lifestyle and am still committed to it. I am now in what I describe as my maintenance diet. The first three months I was pretty strict, no bread, no dessert etc. In that period I lost 10kg. My…

LCHF Newsletter Number 1

May 10, 2013

I thought we should start with Gary Taubes who really deserves a lot of the credit for bringing this issue to the attention of the public.   Taubes studied applied physics at Harvard University and aerospace engineering at Stanford University (MS, 1978). After receiving a master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University in 1981, Taubes joined Discover…

Podcast with Tim Noakes on fluids

May 10, 2013

I had the pleasure of chatting with Professor Tim Noakes for this BJSM podcast. http://podcasts.bmj.com/bjsm/2013/04/19/tim-noakes-on-being-waterlogged-how-to-prevent-spot-and-treat-hyponatraemia/ Tim Noakes on hydration


February 25, 2013

Well it’s now been four months since I embarked on my low carb high fat (LCHF) eating experience. From my perspective it has been a huge success. My weight has dropped under 80kg for the first time in I can’t imagine how long, which means I have lost over 10kg in the four months. I…

Low carb diets. What’s in a name?

January 3, 2013

LCHF (Low carb high fat), Paleo, Atkins, Ketogenic, Primal, South Beach, Protein Power, Sonoma, Sugar Busters, Zone, Bernstein’s Diabetic, Dukan, Low GI are all popular diets based on low carbohydrate intake. Are they all the same? If not, what are the key characteristics they all have in common and how are they different. I absolutely…


December 22, 2012

Two months ago I was 60 years old with a family history of Type 2 diabetes. I was 180cm tall, weighed 90.4kg, and my BMI was 28 which is in the overweight category (25-30) and not that far from obese (>30). My LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and serum insulin levels were all slightly elevated…


October 25, 2012

Well I am now one week into my low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet, and I am pretty happy with it. My weight has come down from 90.4 (199 lbs) to 88.6 (195 lbs,) a loss of 1.8 kg or 4 lbs. I feel fine, no different to how I felt last week. Has it…


October 14, 2012

Tim Noakes is a bloody smart guy. Regarded by most of us as the pre-eminent sports scientist in the world, Tim is a lateral thinker who constantly challenges the orthodoxies of sports science. He has written the bible of running The Lore of Running, a massive tome that is essential reading for any serious runner…