July 23, 2012

For a number of years I have written regular feature articles for The Age on a variety of injury and drug related issues. Some of the articles are shown below. In 2008 and 2009 I provided a weekly injury report on Monday mornings.


League should look outside football to beat heat (Feb 19)

St Kilda blameless in Koschitzke case

Why travel across the Nullabor is hard on the knees

Bad injury might have been worse (May 6)

Injury report highlights risk to interstate veterans (June 7)

League needs to clean up bloody mess (July 16)

Hopes rise for knee joint sufferers (August 14)

Injury ladder (September 4)

Premiership cup could go to the fittest and luckiest (September 4)

At season’s end, surgeons are AFL players best friend (October 10)

Slowly does it the best option (December 17)


 Getting the lowdown on the diuretic issue (Feb 13)

Evidence by Warne hard to swallow (Feb 27)

Superb fitness could aid recovery (March 13)

Rethink needed on knee injuries (April 21)

On surface injury only minor (May 21)

How Hawk beat pain bane (June 12)

Draft age should be going up not down (June 25)

Ramanauskas cancer blow does not mean his football career is over (August 14)
Injury ladder (September 3)

Bombers experience might offset drawback of travelling to Perth (September 4)

Lions use of local anaesthetic leads to pointed questions (September 30)

Australia’s cricketers the team hardest hit by injuries (October 3)


Tough tendon can be hard to heal   (Feb 18)

Injury on tap, where the big men cry  (April 21)

Buckley on ball role looks hamstrung (May 11)


Hip hooray, Hewitt can stay on track for title (Jan 28)

Buckley hamstring (Feb 14)

No clear road to recovery for Buckley (March 31)

Harvey floor banger: don’t try this at home (April 23)

Waking up to pros, cons of an every day substance (June 1)  

Face facts – sharp leap in this kind of break is heady stuff (June 15)

Players benefit from better injury management (June 16)

St Kilda’s star’s unlucky break will take time to heal (July 5)

AFL takes correct stance on drugs (July 6)


High result may reflect normal body fluctuations


Gift of the jab. Pain killers in footy.


Integrity mauled but system will rebound

A black and red issue but grey areas rule

The monster we have unleashed must be chained